Art Capsules makes collecting original artworks by major artists a reality for a new generation of art collectors.

We collaborate with iconic galleries and artists to commission works that are exclusively available on Art Capsules.

By combining innovative use of technology and accessible price points, Art Capsules turns art lovers into art collectors.


Value speculation has restricted access, inflated prices and allowed the latest hype to dominate the agenda; making the art market irrelevant to a whole generation of art lovers. We believe that change comes from within. By working directly with iconic galleries we refocus the market on the great masters of contemporary art and foster the future art collector through innovation. To achieve this, we are reviving the tradition of the Multiple Series first introduced by Galerie Denise René in the 1960’s.

This declines an original artwork into a limited series of unique compositions – each signed by the artist, numbered and certified by the gallery. The spirit of Multiples is best expressed in Victor Vasarely’s 1955 Yellow Manifesto, which calls for further use of new technologies and the democratisation of art. Art Capsules is proud to lead innovation in both of these areas, bringing access to a wider public beyond the art establishment.

Galerie Denise René

Galerie Denise René continues to play a critical role in the evolution of abstract art, having relentlessly promoted and supported it since the 1950’s. “Denise René is not an art dealer, she is a militant” – Jean Cassou, Pompidou Centre The exhibition “Le Mouvement” was a seminal moment in the gallery’s history, pioneering the Kinetic and Op Art movement that was to dominate the 1960’s. Their profound belief and support of their artists’ work has often blurred the lines between commercial and conceptual, which is no doubt why they have nurtured so much innovation and enjoyed such longevity.


Each artwork is commissioned exclusively for Art Capsules, allowing us to follow and document each step of its creation – from conception through to production – and ensure that only the highest quality materials are used.

All of our unique artworks are printed on 100% Cotton conservation paper using the latest Hewlett Packard’s XXXX printer. Each is delivered in a XXX box complete with certificate of origin and archival gloves to handle your print without risking damage.


Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez is one of the great artistic innovators of the 20th and 21st centuries. Born in Venezuela in 1923, he settled in Paris in 1960 where he still lives and works today.

He is a father of the Kinetic and Optical art movement which explores “the instability of reality”. His work presents colour as an autonomous quality that evolves in space and time – unaided by figure or form – in a perpetual present.

Carlos Cruz-Diez has been exhibited at the MOMA, Tate and Grand Palais amongst others; as well as completing a great number of public installations across the world.

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