Each limited edition are numbered, signed by the artist and come with a metal Certificate of Authenticity.
Watch our Unpacking My Art Capsules video for more info.

Art Capsules makes collecting original artworks by established artists to an affordable price. This why our limited Multiple Series of unique compositions are so special. Read our Manifesto for more info.

What makes an edition so special and unique is, in addition to its quality and originality, its serial number. Also, thanks to the algorithm, each edition has its own personality. Art Capsules’ Multiples are in this way “unique Multiples”.

All our Multiple series are limited to 200 pieces, numbered from #1 to #200.

As we like to offer you new and exclusive limited editions, we don’t restock and all our collections are available one time only. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified about the next collections and special offers.

We don’t frame the editions for now, but check out this section again or sign up to our newsletter for new updates! However, we are happy to share a few advices to take good care of your artwork

You should be able to track your order via a tracking link provided in your Confirmation e-mail or in “My Account”. See our Delivery page for more info. However, if you think we’re late with the estimated delivery, please contact us at orders@artcapsules.art so we can help.

At Art Capsules, we have thought the safest package to be delivered to you globally. See our Delivery page for more info.

You have 15 days to return an item from when it’s delivered. See our delivery page and “Returns and refunds” section for more info.